Warranty for Boss Shade Umbrellas

Operating Instructions

1. Remove umbrella from cardboard packaging (Do not use knives or other sharp objects).

2. Free plastic from around bottom of umbrella and post.

3. Apply grease to the spigot (Base).

4. Slide umbrella post over the base spigot. The locking block needs to be held in whilst placing umbrella over the spigot. Now remove plastic bag from umbrella and undo both straps. Ensure safe disposal of plastic. Keep out of reach of children.

5. Before raising umbrella, the canopy must by unwrapped from around the arms to assist with opening. Partially raise the umbrella by turning the winding handle clockwise, stopping at a point where you able to reach under and remove packaging material from framework.

6. For tilting of the umbrella, place the tilt pin in the desired hole, before raising the umbrella.
Note: When in tilt position wind rating is reduced by 75%

7. Rotate umbrella to the desired position. Once in position, be sure to secure the locking bolt located at base of the post. This will prevent the umbrella from rotating in the wind.

8. In gusty or moderate winds, the umbrella must by closed down. The fabric used on Boss Shade umbrellas is durable and of high quality. However, due to the large surface area of the canopy, gusty and moderate winds create extreme forces on the umbrella . Therefore, the umbrella must by retracted and secured with both straps. The warranty does not cover this type of wind damage.

9. When the umbrella is lowered, be sure to clear the fabric from between the canopy arms and struts. Once the fabric is clear, proceed to wrap canopy and tie down. Failure to do this could result in the fabric being pinched between these two members causing damage( little holes) to the canopy fabric cover over time. Damage of this nature is not covered by the warranty and any resulting repair will be at the customers expense.


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Up To 5 Years Warranty

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