Summer is coming, and the best way to do summer is to appreciate the sunny ambiance. Yes, you can do this while still being protected from the scorching heat of the sun. Have you ever heard about cantilever umbrellas?

While I was scrolling over the Web, looking for something that will complete my summer experience,  Boss Shade, has the best cantilever umbrellas that you are looking for. We have different testimonials on why to buy out umbrellas from us. As you scrolled over our site, and familiarized yourself with our many offers, You will be convinced to buy out an umbrella from us.

We offer a pool umbrella that has a strong frame and durable canvas, making itself ideal for residential or commercial purposes. Since we are all in quarantine now, is it not a beautiful thing to chill beside your pool with one of our cantilever umbrella?

We also offer different shades of umbrella’s. Aside from the pool setting, our umbrellas can also be used in takeaway shops, daycare centers, and retirement villages. It is also amazing that our umbrella has a full 360-degree rotation.

Imagine how convenient this is for you! Whenever you are not in the pool, Boss Shade’s umbrella can be used to create shade out of the sun for your kids when they are play or for you when you want to enjoy yourself some glass of wine and snacks.

We have a variety of selections when it comes to colors and rests assured that when the wind blows, your cantilever umbrella will not be blown over! It has a very sturdy aluminum frame that is powder-coated, and its canvas has a 98% UVR block. You are really sure that you are sun safe. You can choose a vibrant color so as to add excitement or attraction to your relaxation area.

With regard to ease of use, trust me, it is very easy and effortless. Boss Shade’s cantilever umbrella has a manual removable crank handle that pops itself in the direction of the winding nut, just on the side of your pool umbrella. Wind it clockwise to open and counter-clockwise to close- it is very easy to operate! It also has a locking pin, so you will not have to find yourself surprised that it closes easily.

Are you worried about the DIY installation? Good news for you! Boss Shade provides installation services around Brisbane, and they have an abundance of partners to install on your site if required. Boss Shade’s Cantilever umbrellas have a life of 12-15 years.

Who does not love long-term investments? How amazing is that?  We also have a fourteen-day money-back guarantee in case. You can also put your mind at ease, knowing that they have five year return to base warranty. Plus, we also offer Australia Wide Delivery!

You and your umbrella are in good hands with Boss Shade. Give them a call at 07 38931145 if you have any inquiries.  Get that cantilever umbrella you have been looking for with Boss Shade!

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